25 Years of Service
Advisory Councils

Advisory Councils

Legislative Advisory Council Chair

The Hon. Liane Sorenson

Legislative Advisory Council

The Hon. Patricia Blevins
The Hon. Ruth Briggs King
The Hon. Catherine Cloutier
The Hon. Bethany Hall-Long
The Hon. Margaret Rose Henry
The Hon. Ernesto Lopez
The Hon. Brian Pettyjohn

Medical Advisory Council Chair
Dennis Witmer, MD, FACS

Medical Advisory Council

David Biggs, MD
Diana Dickson-Witmer, MD, FACS
Michele Domenick, MD
Clara Higgins, DO
Jacqueline Holt, MD
Jennifer Hung, MD
Joseph Rubacky, DO
Jonathan Saunders, MD
Jon Strasser, MD

County Association Chairs
Lisbeth Selsor, New Castle County
Okemah Strickland, Kent County
Vicky Cooke, Sussex County

New Castle County Association
Linda Powell
Rakesh Mehta
Laura Ferguson
Clairmarie Field
Carol Arnott
Nancy Blumberg
Ciro Poppiti
Tyrone Jones
Vernita Dorsey

Kent County Association
Okemah Strickland, Chair
Eve Baldrich
Judy Diogo
Carolyn Forbes
Linda Night
Judi Pflaumer
Bobbi Sanders
Jo Schmeiser
Michelle Septer
Lois Wilkinson