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Breast cancer can happen to you, or to someone you love. Since 1991, the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition (DBCC) has dedicated all of its resources to the fight against breast cancer in Delaware and our surrounding communities. We provide programs of early detection, awareness and education as well as resources for the care and support of those newly diagnosed or facing recurrence and their families. DBCC celebrates life with breast cancer survivors and remains committed to providing access to care. DBCC is here for you or someone you love, every step of the way. Your support will save lives. Make a gift today!

Each day, DBCC takes action to fight breast cancer. In 2008,

  • DBCC provided mammography screenings through the Women’s Mobile Health Screening Van to 1261 women.
  • DBCC educated over 5,000 women and men about breast health and resources for those in need.
  • Of these 5,000 women and men served, 2,000 culturally diverse women were provided breast health information through culturally focused breast health workshops in their communities.
  • DBCC trained 40 mentors (now a total of 134 mentors) to provide one-to-one support, resources, and research-based information to 300 mentees who are newly diagnosed or facing recurrence.
  • DBCC has assumed a key role in training mentors to provide education about clinical trials to those newly diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • DBCC presented our 11th Annual Breast Health Update Conference that presents emerging topics in breast cancer. This Conference is attended by over 400 survivors and members of the medical community.
  • DBCC is a recognized authority on breast cancer resources.
  • DBCC serves as an advocate for women in our community in the fight against breast cancer.