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... While breast cancer is a major event for all who are diagnosed, it brings with it the chance for growth. As hard as treatment can be, many cancer survivors have told us that the experience led them to make important changes in their lives. They also have learned how to take better care of themselves and value how others care for them. Others draw from their experience to become advocates to improve cancer research, treatment, and care.


Patricia Wright

Patricia Wright
My breast cancer diagnosis was just seven months ago in July, 2010 when I was 68 years old.  I couldn’t believe it at first – I never thought that I was going to have breast cancer!  I called my neighbor, Kelli Meoli, for advice and answers to my questions.  She and Connie Holdridge were my DBCC mentors.

My diagnosis and breast cancer journey have caused a change in my attitude toward life.  I now live for each day and enjoy life to the fullest.

I am honored and proud to support DBCC and its Sussex County programs.  And, I have encouraged my Lions Club to donate to DBCC so that its programs and resources will be available to help others.

Gerri Coble

Gerri Coble
I learned I had breast cancer in March, 2010; I was 47 years old.  This experience has caused me to look at my life with different eyes.  I moved forward in a positive way; I began to see things clearer and I welcome new experiences with open arms.  I don’t let fears get the best of me.

I value the friendship of other survivors and have had the opportunity to share experiences and how breast cancer has affected me.  Each story gives me a new perspective.

Following my surgery, I had some questions and thought perhaps DBCC could help me.  I went to DBCC’s Dover office and met Lois Wilkinson.  She was an extraordinary help.  I found wonderful camaraderie with fellow survivors and wanted to spend more time with them.  I’ve become involved with Southern Lights of Life and enjoy Nurture with Nature outings.  I will continue to work with DBCC and to learn more so that I can help others.

Karen Shockley

Karen Shockley
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 years ago, at age 41, I was utterly shocked!  There was no history of breast cancer in my family.  I was living in Dallas, Texas, far from my family here in Delaware.  My chemotherapy and radiation were difficult; but my mother came to stay with me.  I had wonderful support from my family, as well as my church family.

I came to know God intimately as a Healer and to understand that my experience placed me in a wonderful position to let others know that they can get through the trials of life because, with God, all things are possible.  In fact, after being asked to give my testimony over and over again (and with strong encouragement from God), I became a licensed minister of the gospel.  So breast cancer led me to a new and significant calling.

Through my work with Delaware State University’s nursing program, I called DBCC for a speaker.  Cheryl Doucette was that speaker and, as we talked, she asked me to become a mentor.  I took the mentor training and am now a Peer Mentor.