25 Years of Service
2017 Shining Light Awardees

2017 Shining Light Awardees

Victoria Cooke Leadership Award


Accepted by Victoria Cooke

The Victoria Cooke Leadership Award was created in 2017 to create a legacy for the agency’s first full-time executive director, Victoria Cooke. Her vision and direction at the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition for over 25 years was exceptional. She offered support and leadership to so many survivors, members of the medical community, business leaders, and friends, with distinguished grace and humility. She has been a pioneer in the fight against breast cancer in Delaware in every sense of the word.

Subsequent award recipients will be recognized for their years of service, support of breast cancer survivorship, leadership in healthcare delivery and research, generous philanthropy, and cultivation of businesses in the fight against breast cancer.

Spotlight on Survivorship


Deloris Donnelly

Deloris’s breast cancer journey began when her mother lost her fight to the disease.  Then, in early 2000, Deloris was diagnosed with breast cancer. She did not let her diagnosis slow her down. Over the last seventeen years, she has offered her time and her shoulders to support too many women too name as a peer mentor. She founded a DBCC program called Nurture with Nature providing breast cancer support in the outdoors. The program exposes survivors to hiking, biking, kayaking, horseback riding, and astronomy in the great state of Delaware. Recently, Deloris also created an endowment to continue the Nurture with Nature program for years to come.

Spotlight on Philanthropy


Dennis Hallock, Capital School District

Since 2010, Dennis Hallock has been organizing the Capital School District in efforts to raise money for breast cancer awareness month. The cause started when a senior secretary at Central Middle School was first diagnosed in 2010. Since then, multiple loved ones in the district have faced their own breast cancer struggles. Under Dennis’s leadership, the cause has grown to include every school in the district and nearly $24,000 have been raised for the cause. With his generous spirit and kind heart, Dennis is a shining light to all of us.

Spotlight on Healthcare Delivery


Mid-Delaware Imaging accepted by Dr. Mahendra Parikh

Dr. Mahendra Parikh, M.D. is the founder of Mid-Delaware Imaging, a private radiology practice which opened in 1990 in Dover. Dr. Parikh spends countless hours with patients in hopes that he can reduce some amount of the stress and anxiety associated with awaiting mammogram results.  MDI uniquely offers Double Read Mammography at no charge to the patients. Double Read Mammography allows patients to receive a second read on every report. Studies have shown that this practice can increase the rate of Breast Cancer detection. MDI has always been proud to support the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition and all of its members as a sponsor and medical care provider.

Pictured from left to right: Amol Parikh, D.O, Mahendra Parikh, M.D., and Anush Parikh, M.D.

Spotlight on Business


Highmark Delaware Accepted by Tim Constantine, Executive Vice President of Commercial Markets

Highmark Delaware has been an integral partner in the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition’s efforts to break down barriers to healthcare. Through Highmark Delaware BluePrints for the Community, the Coalition has served thousands of residents in Delaware. Their support allows DBCC to provide outreach to reach uninsured and underinsured and minority populations; provides access to screening services via partnerships with existing mammography providers; arranges for transportation to providers; and offers consistent culturally and linguistically appropriate follow-up to ensure compliance. Because of substantial support from Highmark, thousands of Delaware women and families have been served; many collaborations have been formed and life-saving messages have been delivered. Highmark has helped DBCC become Delaware’s most trusted breast cancer resource.