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Melany Sammons, Program Manager

A strong and passionate advocate for early detection and treatment of breast cancer, Melany Sammons is well-positioned to make a difference in this life-saving fight.

Melany joined the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition in 2000 and, in 2005, became Program Manager for the Women’s Mobile Health Screening, LLC (more familiarly known as the State Mammography Van).  Women’s Mobile Health Screening, LLC is a subsidiary of the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition.

As Program Manager, Melany is responsible for the statewide operation, scheduling, and personnel of Women’s Mobile Health and states “there is no reason for any woman in Delaware not to get a mammogram.”  Melany works with “Screening for Life,” a program of the Delaware Division of Health and DBCC, to ensure that un- and under-insured women qualify for free mammograms on the van.  In addition, she works with corporations and community organizations to bring the Mammography Van to workplaces and centers throughout Delaware.

Melany Sammons is all about early detection – not only for breast cancer, but for all cancers.  She puts women on the road to better breast health by bringing mobile mammography to women who need it.