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Lois Wilkinson, Special Projects Manager

She’s a calm and reassuring presence in the lives of women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Connecting with them in this way, on a personal level, is what Lois Wilkinson loves best about her work as special projects manager for Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, Inc. (DBCC). “Yes,” she tells them, “you’ll lose your hair and you’ll hate it. But it will grow back.”  And “yes,” she may tell them, “having a mastectomy can be devastating. But with reconstructive surgery, and the healing power of time, your body and spirit will be restored.” She reassures these women that there is life after breast cancer. She knows first-hand, because Lois Wilkinson is a seven-year survivor.

Lois helps the newly diagnosed women to connect with other breast cancer survivors, too, through DBCC’s Peer Mentor Support Program, pairing them with trained survivors who have shared similar diagnoses and life situations. She trains new volunteer mentors, and works with physicians and hospitals throughout Delaware to better market and implement the program.

In addition, Lois coordinates workshops, educational seminars, and fellowship activities for survivors. She was instrumental in starting the popular “Nurture with Nature,” a program that takes survivors out into nature for time to unwind, relax, to observe beauty, growth and renewal in nature, and to form bonds with other survivors. It has become an event many survivors eagerly await each month.

Lois came to DBCC as a volunteer, working on the Southern Lights of Life fundraising event, and became a member of the staff in 2004 – two years after her diagnosis. She was raised in Middletown, DE, is University of Delaware alum, and lives in Townsend, DE.  In her free time she enjoys gardening, kayaking and traveling.