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Mammography Sites

The Delaware Mammography Access Project guide lists mammography sites throughout Delaware. The directory can be searched by zip code or you can browse by county.  Under each facility’s “More details” you can find the accessibility report (accessibility details for parking, paths, hallways and equipment), as well as hours and languages spoken at the location. Criteria for each accessibility term can be viewed by placing your cursor over the term in the site’s report or on the “Keys to Accessibility Terms” page. The guide is also available in Microsoft Word and PDF file formats.

Our Mammography Resource page lists additional resources for women with disabilities, as well as uninsured and underinsured women.

For a list of all accredited mammography facilities, please visit the American College of Radiology’s Accredited Facility Search page.

The Delaware Mammography Access Project History
The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition partnered with the University of Delaware’s Center for Disabilities Studies (CDS), with funding from the Avon Foundation Breast Care Fund, to conduct the Delaware Mammography Access Project in 2009.  All mammography sites in Delaware were invited to participate in an accessibility assessment for the project.  The Delaware Mammography Access Project has produced this online guide to mammography facilities that women can use to determine which facility will best meet their needs.

The project also identified areas of concern around the accessibility of mammography facilities for women with disabilities and will identify challenges faced by mammography facility staff when providing services to women with disabilities. The project also identified potential topics for future projects to improve access to health care for women with disabilities. For example, an accessibility survey of all the healthcare facilities is now underway.