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Beebe Health Campus - Rehoboth

18941 John J. Williams Highway
Rehoboth, DE 19971
To make an appointment at any Beebe Imaging location, please call Beebe's scheduling office at (302) 645-FAST(3278)

General Information

Hours: Monday through Friday 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Languages spoken: interpreter line: can call hospital to get any language

Accessibility Information

For a key to the definitions of the disibility access terms, roll your mouse over the term to see the description in a pop-up box.

Accessible parking space:Accessible parking space:

(8 ft wide for car plus access aisle that is 5 ft wide)
ADA regulations specify accessible parking based on the following ratio of regular parking spaces to standard accessible parking spaces:

Total Spaces Accessible
1 to 25 1 space
26-50 2 spaces
51-75 3 spaces
76-100 4 spaces
Van accessible Van accessible parking space:

Van accessible parking spaces must be 8 ft wide with access aisles that are at least 8 ft wide, and have 98 in of vertical clearance available for lift-equipped vans.  In addition, at least one of every eight accessible spaces must be van accessible (with a minimum of one van accessible space in all cases).

Entrance and paths
Accessible exterior doors:Accessible exterior doors:

One of the entrance doors is automatic or power-assisted. If an automatic door is not present, doors are not too heavy (less than 8.5 lbs) and doors have hardware that can be opened and closed with a closed fist (i.e. do not require grasping, pinching, or twisting)

Interior Routes
Accessible interior paths:Accessible interior paths:

All interior routes meet the following requirements:
They are free of permanent or temporary obstructions
They have adequate passing space (60 in diameter circle or a T-shaped space).
Rugs or carpeting (if present), is permanently affixed to the floor surface.
Rugs or carpeting (if present), is low pile (less than 0.5 in) and tightly woven.

Paths were also evaluated for the following factors:
Objects protruding (4 in or more) into the circulation path should not be between 27 in and 80 in above the finished floor.
The use of steps should not be required to maneuver within the facility.

Accessible waiting room:Accessible waiting room:

The reception or waiting room space can accommodate someone using a wheelchair, scooter, or service animal.  There is also a clear pathway (at least 36 in wide) throughout the room.

Reception counter height:Reception counter height:

The reception desk counter is no more than 36 in above the finished floor.

If present, are elevators accessible?If present, are elevators accessible?:

Elevators were evaluated for the following accessibility features:
The doors remain open a minimum of 5 seconds.
The elevator doors are a minimum of 36 in wide when fully opened.
The emergency buttons at the bottom of panel are 35 in or less from the floor.
The floor buttons are 54 in or less from the floor.
The elevator provides audible tones while moving.
Both door jams have a sign with raised and Braille characters indicating the floor number on every floor.

Mammography room accessibility
Accessible Dressing Room:Accessible Dressing Room:

Accessible dressing rooms have the following:
A doorway that is at least 32 in wide
An accessible changing bench (17 in to 19 in high)
Turning space (5 ft X 5 ft) next to changing bench
A horizontal handrail adjacent to bench for self-support during transfers
*In some cases, if an accessible dressing room is not available patients can use the mammography suite for dressing.

Mammography Suite Door:Mammography Suite Door:

The doorway into the mammography suite is at least 32 in wide.

Turning Space Bucky Side:Turning Space Bucky Side:

There a turning space (5 ft X 5 ft) on the bucky (imaging part) side of machine that allows for maneuvering around the mammography suite in a wheelchair.

Seated Screening Available:Seated Screening Available:

Seated screening can be performed if a mammography suite has the following attributes:
There an accessible route (at least 36 in wide) to machine
The bucky (imaging part) lowers to at least 24 in for someone seated
*Some suites also have positioning chairs available with a braking device and adjustable arms.

Restroom accessibility
Restroom Doors:Restroom Doors:

Accessible restroom doors are at least 32 in wide, outward swinging and self-closing.  In addition, doors have hardware that can be opened and closed with a closed fist (i.e. do not require grasping, pinching, or twisting)

Manuvering Space:Manuvering Space:

The transfer area is at least 5 ft X 5 ft.  The area is clear of door swing and there is a 36 in wide path to all fixtures (sink, towels, toilet).

Accessible hardware, fixtures and sink:Accessible hardware, fixtures and sink:

There are grab bars on the back and side walls beside toilet.
Doors have hardware that can be opened and closed with a closed fist (i.e. do not require grasping, pinching, or twisting).

The following were considered accessible if they were placed at a height reachable from a seated position (48 in or less above the finished floor):
Soap dispenser
Towel Dispensers
Hand Dryers
The following features of the sink were assessed for accessibility:
Maximum sink height of 34 in
At least 29 in clearance underneath
Insulated pipes
Faucets can be operated with a closed fist
The wall mirror is no more than 40 in above floor

Available accommodations
TTY available:TTY available:

There is a TTY (text telephone) available for patients to use and the facility staff is trained to use TTY equipment for phone calls.

Listening devices:Listening devices:

Listening devices are available for patients to use.

Sign language interpreters:Sign language interpreters:

During appointments and registration, patients have access to an on-site sign language interpreter.

Y - through language bank
Alternate format materials and forms:Alternate format materials and forms:

Alternate format (large print, audio) intake and registration forms are available. In addition, there are alternate formats of organizational materials available about the services and facility.