Young Survivors in Action

How can Young Survivors in Action help me?

Young Survivors in Action has one goal- to focus on our survivors holistically. We provide education, support, and networking events that focus on the whole person- physically, mentally, and emotionally. These interactive meet-ups are aimed to improve side effects from breast cancer treatments, enhance quality of life, and provide the space to cultivate and grow into a “new normal”. We know that a breast cancer diagnosis can turn a world upside down, so we are here to help navigate the twists and turns ahead.

Who is a Young Survivor?

The term “young” can be fluid and we take that same approach here. A young survivor can be a breast cancer survivor in her 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. A young survivor can also be a survivor who was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age and has continued to thrive in life, inspiring new survivors and providing each survivor with hope. A young survivor can also be a breast cancer survivor that feels young at heart and is living life to the fullest.

What is Holistic Wellness?

Holistic wellness is an approach to being healthy that looks at the person’s health as a whole. This support considers not just the person’s physical health, but includes their emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing. The events and workshops provided through Young Survivors in Action are cultivated with this component in mind- focusing on you!

Upcoming Program Events

Healing Meditation

What is Healing Meditation?Healing Meditation can help you with the following:

  • De-stress and lift a low mood
  • Let go and focus
  • Improve your intuition
  • Keep your life in balance 

Research into the effects of regular meditation has found a wide range of benefits:

  • Drop in anxiety and tension
  • Relief of physical problems caused by stress and anxiety (not a replacement for medical care)
  • An increase in calm feelings and optimistic views
  • Feeling of self-worth and enhance creativity

Sleepytime Yoga

What is Sleepy Time Yoga?
Sleepy Time Yoga is a monthly yoga class that is hosted on a virtual platform. This class focuses on short and long term side-effects from breast cancer treatment and surgeries. The hour session begins with restorative yoga, a type of restful yoga that facilitates stretch, lymph movement, range of motion, and relaxation. This practice is done on the floor sitting and laying down. Sleepy Time Yoga is followed by a ten minute meditation to focus on stress-reduction and sleep facilitation.

FUNctional Fitness

What is FUNctional Fitness?
FUNctional Fitness is a monthly exercise class that is hosted on a virtual platform. This class requires no equipment and is suitable for all fitness levels. Functional fitness is an exercise which involves strengthening and stabilizing the body for activities that are performed in everyday life. This fun, ½ hour class provides each participant to focus on their health right at lunch time.

Active Cooking Series

We are continuing our Active Cooking Series through 2022 with a brand new cookbook each quarter! This series meets monthly (January through March and April through June) on zoom with Dee Iraca, registered dietician, culinary chef, and breast cancer survivor- as we incorporate ways to cook and eat healthy in your own home. In this course, you will be receiving your very own cookbook for the three month series. Please RSVP to email hidden; JavaScript is required with your address. Spots are limited as new cookbooks are sent out quarterly.

For more information contact
Amanda Perdue
Program Manager
email hidden; JavaScript is required
(302)672-6435 x 1005


Candle Creation Class

Young Survivors in Action is teaming up with Krista, owner of Kent County Candles, for our very own candle creation class. Space is limited. The class will be held at the Hilton Gardens in Dover. Drinks and small bites are available for purchase. RSVP to email hidden; JavaScript is required. Cost is $10 p/p.

Brandywine Zoo Encounter

This private tour will begin promptly at 1 pm for an hour to an hour and a half.  During this time, we will also have meet and greets and photo opportunities with some of the animals. Afterwards, we will have time to explore the rest of the zoo on our own.  The rain date is Friday, April 8th.  We will need to follow current mask mandates from the Delaware State Parks.

Stained Glass Workshop

This small group instruction will be using soldering irons to make their own stained glass cluster to take home. Limited space (additional date may be added due to participation interest).

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