Suggestions for those Recently Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

  • Think positively, seek emotional support, and care for yourself in the process
  • Become familiar with the medical terminology
  • Get a second opinion from another physician
  • Make a list of questions for your medical team and insurance company
  • Research your diagnosis, treatment plan, other treatment options, and possible side effects - DBCC can send you resources to help make informed decisions
  • Take someone with you to your appointments to provide emotional support and take notes
  • Ask questions about your diagnosis, test results, and treatment plan
  • Ask about clinical trials and decide if it's right for you to participate in one (or more)
  • Find out about what your health insurance covers - and doesn't cover
  • Find someone to talk to about your concerns - DBCC can connect you with a breast cancer survivor as a peer mentor
  • Seek advice on how to talk to your spouse/partner, family, children, co-workers and friends
  • Accept help from others - whether it's preparing meals, mowing the lawn, doing housework, or listening to your concerns
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Recently Diagnosed: Overview

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, find information here about programs and services the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition can offer you.

Our Peer Mentor Support program can match you with a survivor who has faced a similar diagnosis, treatment or recovery. Our Peer Mentor Program Coordinators can speak with you about your specific needs, answer your questions about breast cancer, and provide many resources as you being your journey.

If you are a women diagnosed with breast cancer in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, you may be interested in learning more about our Young Survivors in Action (YSIA) program.

New Castle County: Cathy Holloway at (302) 778-1102 x 1022
Kent County: Lois Wilkinson (302) 672-6435
Sussex County: Connie Holdridge (302) 542-3450 or (302) 644-6844

The “Beginning Your Journey” programs helps connect women with local resources and professional staff at the area’s cancer centers to address their concerns and get the support they need. The programs will be offered monthly, in each county, in partnership with a local hospital.

The Frequently Asked Questions section can provide you with questions to take back to your health care team to help you further understand your diagnosis and treatment options.

You’ll also find information about our Clinical Trials Mentoring Initiative, suggestionsfor your loved ones and friends on how to support you during your journey and a list of online resources, books and videos.


Are you a newly diagnosed woman or a breast cancer survivor? Here is a video featuring Cathy Holloway, the Program Director of Education and Survivorship at the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition on Comcast Newsmakers, giving an overview of some of the programs we offer.