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Autumn Arch Beer Project - Mere Tenacity October Partnership

All October

Autumn Arch Beer Project is teaming up with the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition to help raise money for our organization all month!! Stop in and give it a try today! *Please drink responsibly*

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Autumn Arch is donating 10% of the proceeds of Mere Tenacity to the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition in support of their vision to “create a community where every person diagnosed with breast cancer becomes a survivor”.

This beer was a collaboration between their resident artist and experimental brewer who were seeking something a bit unique. Our artist suggested a fruit combination of Red Dragon fruit and strawberry hoping to achieve a beer with a fuchsia color (#experimentalbrewery).

To their surprise the Dragon fruit resulted in iridescent pink, a shade of beer we didn’t think was possible!

The color pink and October have become synonymous with bringing awareness to the second most common cancer in women and men worldwide. Autumn Arch is excited to partner with the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition in support of this important cause.

BEER RELEASE: “Mere Tenacity” HAZY IPA, ABV 6%