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Planned Giving Options

Planned Giving Options

IRA/Retirement Plans
You can name DBCC as a primary or contingent beneficiary of your IRA, 401(K) or other retirement account. Donors will avoid a significant income and estate tax liability. You may also designate DBCC as a beneficiary, or contingent beneficiary, after the death of a spouse, of your Tax-Deferred Retirement Plan.

Life Income Gifts
A Charitable Gift Annuity is one of the simplest and most often utilized approaches to planned charitable giving. You make a gift to DBCC of cash or securities and an annuity is created. You and/or your designee receive lifetime income from the annuity based on a fixed percentage of the value of the annuity. Following your death and the death of any other annuitant, DBCC becomes the owner of the remaining assets.