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Your Gifts at Work

Your Gifts at Work

See Your Gifts at Work!

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Gifts to the Annual Fund have made it possible to pair a newly diagnosed individual with a trained peer mentor, to provide a road map to care and support through Beginning Your Journey workshops, to bring vital screening services into the communities that need them most, and to celebrate survivorship in the outdoors with Nurture with Nature outings and more.

DBCC provides mammography services to low income, uninsured women through the Screening for Life program with the Women’s Mobile Health Screening Van, a quality assurance tested mobile unit with state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment and skilled health professionals.

“The crew was great, caring, understanding and friendly.” —October 2013

“Loved the ease of getting my mammogram done.” —October 2013

The Peer Mentor Support Program matches newly diagnosed with a trained breast cancer survivor of similar diagnosis, treatment and life situation.  This free service is confidential, one-on-one support and education, and available to caregivers.

Clinical Trial Peer Mentors give breast cancer patients valuable information to make an informed decision about clinical trial participation.

“DBCC’s Peer Mentor Program and cancer awareness outreach has been a blessing to me and my family, giving us a forum to help spread awareness.”

A menu of survivorship programs for the patient developed by those who have endured breast cancer treatment: Beginning Your Journey, Nurture with Nature, and Nurture Yourself programs provide an outlet to breast cancer survivors in our community.

“With all of the dialogue about how exercise and good nutrition can lower your chances of having breast cancer, the Nurture with Nature series is a chance for survivors to exercise outdoors.”

Learn more about all of the DBCC Programs here.

Each day, DBCC takes action to defeat breast cancer:

Here is just one success story

“This past July, Cheryl Doucette and Carolina Vaño Johnson appeared on La Exitosa, a Spanish-language radio station, to promote DBCC’s breast cancer screening and navigation services and invited listeners to call in. Guadalupe Sandoval heard their message and realized that most of her neighbors probably hadn’t been screened for breast cancer in a long time, if at all.

Guadalupe called to arrange a mammogram screening through the mobile mammography van for herself and her neighbors in a small community in Lincoln, Delaware.

As community members called DBCC to schedule their appointments, they were connected to health care providers, help to pay for the screenings, and assurances that a bilingual interpreter would be on hand to help them through the process. On August 30, DBCC screened seven women in Lincoln-seven women who might not have received screenings otherwise. Additionally, DBCC staff distributed vital information on women’s health to the entire Lincoln community and plan to return to that neighborhood at a later date.” 

Guadalupe and DBCC