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Risk Factors: Women with Disabilities

Risk Factors: Women with Disabilities

A disability is a health condition that makes it hard to do regular daily activities. Women with disabilities often do not get screened for breast cancer or get screened less often.

Every woman needs to have regular screenings, even if she has a disability. Women with disabilities are just as likely to develop breast cancer and may even have more risk factors than other women. Women with disabilities face many barriers to regular screening.  They may have difficulty getting to the doctor’s office, undressing for an exam, raising their arms for self-exams, mounting a traditional examination table, standing, or positioning their wheelchairs for mammograms. A directory of mammography sites and their accessibility information can be found under “Mammography Sites.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Mammography and tips about getting mammograms for women with disabilities can also be found on the “Tips for Screening for WWD” page under the “Mammography Sites” menu.

Additional Resources:

CDC: Breast Cancer Screening for Women with Disabilities (Right to Know Campaign)

Susan G. Komen for the Cure®: Disparities in Breast Cancer Screening and “Facts for Life-Women with Disabilites” PDF Fact Sheet
(On the home page, under the"Understanding Breast Cancer” drop-down menu, select “Early Detection & Screening.” On the left sidebar, select “Disparities in Breast Cancer Screening” and scroll down to the “Physical disabilities and breast cancer screening” section on the Disparties page.The link for the PDF fact sheet is in this section.)