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Men and Breast Cancer

Men and Breast Cancer


The fact is that men do have breast tissue. Although rare, they can get breast cancer.  About 2,000 men are diagnosed and about 400 men will die from breast cancer each year. 1% of all diagnosed breast cancer in the U.S. will occur in men.

You May Be At Risk!

Known factors that increase your risk of breast cancer include:

  • A genetic condition such as Klinefelter’s syndrome that is associated with high estrogen levels
  • Family members (male or female) with breast cancer, especially with a BRCA2 mutation
  • Chronic liver disorders, alcoholism and obesity
  • Getting older

Even if you have more that one risk factor you may not get breast cancer. Some men who have no risk factors may get breast cancer.

Don’t Ignore It!

Most men don’t know that they have breast cancer!

  • They may ignore the warning signs
  • They may not tell their doctor what they are feeling because they are embarrassed or worried
  • They may wait too long to get help

Here’s What to Look For!

Talk to your doctor right away if you have of these warning sign.  Don’t wait. Be sure to call if:

  • You feel a lump, a hard knot or swelling in your chest area.
  • The skin on your chest dimples or puckers
  • Your nipple pulls in toward your chest wall
  • You see any redness or scaling on your nipple
  • There is a discharge coming from your nipple

Get the Tests You Need!

If you have any of the warning signs you may need to:

  • Tell your doctor
  • Have your chest examined by a doctor
  • Get an X-ray of your chest
  • Have other tests done like an ultrasound or biopsy

Treatment Can Help!

If tests show that you have cancer you will need treatment.  The earlier the cancer is found the better!!
The kind of treatment will depend on:

  • What type of breast cancer you have
  • How early it is found

Early Detection and Awareness are Key!
Call you doctor right away if you notice any changes in your chest area, such as a lump or change in your nipples.
We can’t prevent breast cancer. But if you do get breast cancer you can make a difference if you:

  • Find it early
  • Get treated right away
  • Don’t ignore the warning signs!