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Breast Cancer Survivors

Who is a survivor?

The term “cancer survivor” includes anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, from the time of diagnosis through the rest of his or her life. Family members, friends, and caregivers are also part of the survivorship experience.

You may not like the word, or you may feel that it does not apply to you, but the word “survivor” helps many people think about embracing their lives beyond their illness.

While breast cancer is a major event for all who are diagnosed, it brings with it the chance for growth. As hard as treatment can be, many cancer survivors have told us that the experience led them to make important changes in their lives. Many say they now take time to appreciate each new day. They also have learned how to take better care of themselves and value how others care for them. Others draw from their experience to become advocates to improve cancer research, treatment, and care.

This sections provides information and resources as you take the next steps in your breast cancer journey. Including are Frequently Asked Questions After Treatment, information about becoming a Peer Mentor to newly diagnosed women, programs for survivors, and stories from some of our breast cancer survivors.