What is Advocacy?

How DBCC Advocates:

The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition advocates on behalf of issues and concerns that affect breast cancer survivors and their families during various stages of treatment, recovery, and survival.

Below is a list of current legislation the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition supports:

As a member of the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC), represented on its board of directors, DBCC’s advocacy team works to support NBCC’s efforts as they seek the commitment of our government, at all levels, to support meaningful research, expand access to quality health care, and adopt policies and laws that are backed by science and evidence. Then, together, we can end breast cancer forever.

“We combine the power of advocacy, education, policy, and research to unite around one goal: ending breast cancer.”
– National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC)

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Educated Advocates

DBCC believes in the investment of education and professional development and the importance of training their advocacy team through Project LEAD, NBCC’s premier science training program.

The intensive 7-days of courses train lay advocates in the fundamentals of breast cancer science, research design, and the critical-thinking skills needed to participate in the decision-making process. Learn more about NBCC’s Project LEAD here.

Advocacy Opportunities

Are you passionate about the fight against breast cancer?

You might be a great voice and advocate on behalf of breast cancer survivors in our state and across the country. 

Local survivors have an extremely impactful influence on legislators when provided the opportunity to share their perspectives and experiences relative to the policy changes they are considering.

Are you interested in getting involved in becoming a voice in advocating for the fight against breast cancer? We have a variety of opportunities, let’s have a conversation!

Contact Meridith Rothstein,
DBCC Advocacy Team Leader at

Sally is living and thriving with Metastatic Breast Cancer. She helps DBCC advocate on behalf of breast cancer survivors everywhere by courageously sharing her story and how certain legislative decisions can affect or improve the quality of life for breast cancer survivors and their families during their battles.

“My diagnosis was a total shock to me. Your financial help was amazing and got me through a very difficult few months. Food or bills is a real struggle I’m learning to deal with, but your help was great.

 I hope Senators Carpers Healthcare Legislation Aide can explain how difficult it is for someone dealing with this can be.  I struggle, but need to get people to understand that even though I don’t have visible physical effects, I deal with things every single day.– Sally