Shining Light Awards

The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition’s Shining Light Awards recognize those who have made a significant contribution to the advancements made toward ending breast cancer in the Greater Delaware region and who have served to motivate and inspire others to be champions of the cause.

Join us for a cocktail reception held at the Waterfall, to honor Patti Key and Harrington Raceway & Casino as well as Nadya Julien, MS, CNE, CRNP and the Tabitha Medical Center. 

Sponsorship opportunities and tickets are now on sale!

Meet Our Honorees

Nadya Julien, MS, CNE, CRNP: Tabitha Medical Center

In 2020, DBCC began a partnership with the Tabitha Medical Center through their founder Nadya Julien, a nurse practitioner of Haitian descent. She offers services to patients in her native language, Haitian Creole, and she also has Spanish-speaking staff. Together, they support the needs of the communities the practice serves in both Delaware and Maryland. The partnership began with the DBCC’s Haitian-Creole speaking navigator providing information to Nadya’s patients about DBCC programs and services. Since then the partnership has grown to where DBCC schedules all mammography referrals on-site and offers any additional services needed to Tabitha patients through the Women’s Health Program. 

As a result of our collaboration we have seen a stronger connection with the Haitian community and an increase in screenings for Haitian and African American populations in Delaware.  In addition, Nadya often hosts DBCC staff on her local, medically based, community radio show out of Salisbury, Maryland. As Nadya continues to work with our staff to share the importance of breast health, connect DBCC with patients, partners, and resources, we would like to recognize Nadya and her organization for all of their help, as we see a bright future for our partnership with unlimited growth and possibilities ahead.

Patti Key: Harrington Raceway & Casino 

In 2010, Patti Key joined the DBCC Board of Trustees. During Patti’s tenure she has served as Board President as well as on the DBCC Executive Board. Kindness, energy, vision, and a positive attitude have been paramount throughout Patti’s tenure and service to DBCC. Over the last twelve years, Patti has offered unlimited guidance, dedication, and resources to the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. Patti’s generosity has touched many aspects of DBCC including serving on our Finance, Strategic Planning, Development, Executive, and Human Resources committees. During tumultuous times, Patti always made sure to be present and proactive in supporting DBCC anyway possible.

Her willingness to create a relationship between her employer, Harrington Raceway & Casino, and the DBCC, has opened many doors for the organization. Her knowledge and strategic planning for large events, coordinating the sale of DBCC merchandise at Harrington, and during State Fair concerts, donating auction items for the Lights of Life Gala, has had an incredible impact on DBCC’s success. Additionally, other staff from Harrington have attended DBCC events with Patti, further expanding the coalition’s reach and impact. Patti’s passion, diligence, and initiative shine through in everything she does for the DBCC and elsewhere.

As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, DBCC has been a resource and helping hand to those needing to be screened or have been diagnosed. Staff, with partners such as Tabitha Medical Care and Harrington Raceway & Casino have been working together to get individuals back on track, prioritizing their health, and if diagnosed, offering survivorship services and programs. We hope that you will join us in recognizing our two honorees for their generous contributions to the cause.