Young Survivors In Action Gears up for Summer 2024!

June 14, 2024

Wilmington, Delaware – Breast cancer is often thought of as a disease that affects older women. Sadly, more and more young women are being diagnosed with breast cancer every day. The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition’s (DBCC) Young Survivors in Action (YSIA) program focuses on supporting younger breast cancer survivors (both women AND men) and showing them that there is light on the other side of the darkness of a breast cancer diagnosis and you can keep #movingforward no matter what!

Stephanie Cumella, one of DBCC’s Survivorship Specialists and Program Manager of the Young Survivors in Action program, was diagnosed at 32 years old. Now a survivor of 7 years, she is a mother of two beautiful children, a wife to her loving husband, Anthony, and a pillar of support for the many young breast cancer survivors she reaches through YSIA.

Stephanie recently shared how working with the Young Survivors in Action program has affected her personally. “Through YSIA I have been able to make some great connections and friends with survivors. You are there with the survivors through the good, the bad and the ugly and often wonder, am I doing enough, am I making a difference in their life? Do the survivors truly know that I mean it when I say I am there for them. But a full circle moment, and a very touching moment, is when a survivor asked me to be there for them during their last treatment, be there for them as they rang the bell. It was such a magical moment to be there and months afterward, the survivor told me that ‘you continue to provide a listening ear and empathy and you always go above and beyond to make me feel special and accepted.’ Hearing this was so rewarding and brought me to tears, it is in those moments, spoken or unspoken, that I truly feel as though I am making a difference.”

Participants often share their gratitude for the many events and programs offered by Young Survivors in Action with comments such as:

“Young Survivors inspires me daily. They do not treat me as a statistic or a ‘cancer patient.’ Rather they treat me as an individual who happens to have cancer. They have made me realize that I am never alone in this fight. They give me hope for a better today and I am forever grateful to my pink warrior sisters!”

“They gave and continue to give me a family of friends I can identify with and understand! They are essential to my healing and recovery!”

“Young Survivors in Action gave me mental support I needed to get through my diagnosis and treatment. I was the first in my family on either side, and the first of my close friends to be diagnosed with breast cancer.”

“The mission of Young Survivors in Action aligns with my personal mantra: movement is medicine! I have enjoyed getting to know such an amazing group of women. Cancer survivors are some of the strongest, most resilient women I know!”

“I love what you do for all of us.”

“I enjoy the craft events.”

“Thanks for today. It was nice to do something with our families.”

Diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age? You’re invited to join our tribe! DBCC’s Young Survivors in Action program offers a variety of programs to serve a broad audience of young survivors! With a variety of activities and events available, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Many program events are exclusively for breast cancer survivors. It’s important to create opportunities to discuss questions young survivors might have around fertility, sex, having children, telling their children, etc. which is a unique aspect of the YSIA program.

Each year there are several special events open to both breast cancer survivors and their families such as the upcoming Survivor’s Night at the Blue Rocks on Thursday, August 29, 2024!

YSIA understands from experience that breast cancer doesn’t just affect the person diagnosed. The families and communities of those diagnosed with breast cancer feel the weight of the disease on their shoulders as well.

YSIA presents a few programs on Facebook Live. These programs, though targeted for survivors, are open to the public. Healing Meditation is a monthly guided meditation to help participants focus, de-stress, heal, improve their intuition, and keep their lives in balance. Research into the effects of regular meditation has found a wide range of benefits including drops in anxiety and tension, relief of physical problems caused by stress and anxiety, an increase in calm feelings and optimistic views, and the feeling of self-worth and enhanced creativity. Yogalates combines Flow Yoga and Pilates and is perfect for cancer survivors. The flow is more mindful than fast-paced, incorporating poses that are held for 5 breaths each. Pilates focuses on total body conditioning and core muscles, improving posture, flexibility, and strength. All levels are welcomed and modifications are provided, along with the option to use mats, blocks, pillows, and blankets for added comfort. FUNctional Fitness is a monthly exercise class that requires no equipment and is suitable for all fitness levels. This class involves strengthening and stabilizing the body for activities that are performed in everyday life. This fun, ½ hour class allows each participant to focus on their health right at lunchtime or whenever they have a free moment to go back and view the livestream.

Upcoming in-person events include:

June 27, 2024: Sip and Create Clay Sea Creatures and Pinch Pots in Middletown, DE

August 3, 2024: Full-Body Meditative Sound Bath in Newark, DE

Anyone interested in learning more about Young Survivors in Action can visit

About Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition

The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition (DBCC) is a 501(c)(3) organization offering statewide programs and services. The mission of the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, Inc. is to empower its community by raising awareness of breast health issues and increasing access to care through outreach, education, and support services, to facilitate early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Its vision is to create a caring community where barriers to breast cancer screenings are removed and all persons at risk served by DBCC have access to quality care and treatment. DBCC will ensure each individual diagnosed receives resources to become a thriving survivor, armed with the knowledge and support needed to conquer this disease.

Headquartered in Wilmington with offices in Kent and Sussex Counties, the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition’s programs reach diverse communities to deliver messages that address their unique concerns about breast cancer and early detection. Recognizing the barriers of language, culture, and economics, DBCC trains community advocates through their Peer Mentor Program, as well as works to help educate and encourage women and men to take responsibility for their health through breast health presentations and community health fairs. In addition, the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition helps those with low incomes and those with little or no insurance receive free or reduced-cost care.

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